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LeBeaux Consulting

Kansas City, MO

LeBeaux Consulting

Professional Fees Paid Via Contingency 

Property Taxes Too High?

Property Taxes are one of the major costs of running a business or owning properties...



I did not know I could appeal my property taxes!

LeBeaux Consulting (LBC) is an established leader in property tax relief, saving clients millions of dollars every year in property taxes with an average of 29.2% reduction in 2012.

Protesting my property taxes probably will not be successful…why bother?

LBC property tax consultants reduced property taxes for 95% of Jackson County properties that were represented. LBC has the expertise and manpower to help you lower your taxes by helping analyze your property’s appropriate value using one or more of the accepted approaches to establishing fair market value.

Appealing my property taxes seems overwhelming – I don’t know what to do.

LBC can appeal your property taxes and win. LBC uses a proven system to maneuver smoothly through all the steps in the tax appeal process, achieving tax cuts through administrative appeals – informal hearings or Appraisal Review Board hearings.

The assessed value of my property is below its true market value.

Using unequal appraisal, comparing the assessed value of your property to the assessed value of similar properties, LBC property tax consultants can reduce your property taxes even if your assessed value is below market value. LBC is the market leader in developing and presenting unequal appraisal appeals.

I don’t have time to appeal!

Call LeBeaux Consulting Now at (816) 569-5825, after a five-minute phone call, our property tax consultants will handle your appeal. There is not cost for you unless LBC reduces your property taxes, and then the fee would be a portion of the savings.